Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eating Real Food

What does this mean "Eating Real Food"? Cooking with and eating food that I understand.

I know what's in it. I can visualize how each thing in it was created - hopefully it was grown, not manufactured. I have a rough idea where it's from, hopefully somewhere nearby. It tastes flavorful and interesting. I know it's something that the human body has evolved to digest and derive nourishment from. And it's grown in such a way that future generations will also be able to grow it. This blog is about what it takes (sometimes fun, sometimes not-so-fun) to find and eat real food.

Why write about food, when there is so much information out there already that there can’t possibly be anything left to say?

I’m obsessed. I spend most of my time thinking about it. Cooking, eating, reading cookbooks, watching the Food Network, perusing the grocery aisles, going to the farmer’s market. I read the Joy of Cooking like it's going to have some whodunnit plot twist at the end. The length I go to trying to find food that meets my ethical, nutritional and gastronomic standards seems absurd, dogmatic, and comical to the few people close enough to me to see it. And if I even get a hint of someone having an interest in food, I either grill them (!) about what they cooked the night before, or bore them talking about what I cooked the night before.

So to answer the question of why write about food? Just to get it out of my system, and maybe find a few people who feel the same.

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