Thursday, February 12, 2009

Must Stop ... Eating ... Thin Mints

Writer's block tonight. Bloated on Thin Mints and Sopranos reruns.

Man, those frickin Girl Scouts get you every time. I stopped buying the boxes years ago, but every year somebody gives me one as a gift. WHY WHY WHY can't I just throw it in the trash? Why do I even open it? Because once I open it, it's all over.

A very kind friend at work gave me a box of Thin Mints. I didn't even notice I'd opened the box, and suddenly I looked over and half a roll was gone. Half a roll? That's 280 calories. There is nothing thin about that. I feel so guilty, that's the size of a lunch.

I guess I'd be Ok doing it for the Girl Scout's - except that those cookies could kill me.

Look at all this crap:

  • Partially hydrogenated palm kernel
  • Soybean and Cottonseed TBHQ -Tert-BUTYLHYDROQUINONE, a preservative
  • Invert Sugar - Invert sugar, a mixture of glucose (dextrose) and fructose produced from sugar (sucrose). This one doesn't seem too bad. It's basically sugar and water boiled together. Tastes sweeter and moister than sugar.
  • Cornstarch - extracted from corn in a simple 13 step process
  • Soy Lecithin
I'd like to understand what each of these things is, but ugh, it's just too confusing.

And can I ask? Wouldn't it possibly be a better experience to make and sell cookies from scratch, baked with natural ingredients? Now those I'd definitely order.

Oh well, I'm sure the guilt will pass in time for me to enjoy another box next year.

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